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ACORD International s.a.

Founded in Luxembourg in 1995 as a private partnership, ACORD International is a specialised research centre, offering consultancy, evaluations and trainings in human resources management, in youth activities and in social policies.

Since 2007, the institute has been responsible for the gender equality audits piloted for the Ministry of Equal Opportunities in companies desiring to implement positive actions. By this process, selected companies of the private sector accept to submit their HR data for an analysis by external consultants. All HR management processes are looked at by taking into consideration the gender dimension. Further core HR data such as salaries, additional remunerations, trainings, fluctuation, job rotation, absences from work, parental leave, working time etc. are analysed. In parallel an exhaustive people survey is realised. The outcome of the audit procedure is advice for the development by the company of a gender equality (and diversity) plan.

Between 2008 and 2011, ACORD was involved in an international partnership project, called GED-PLANNING, with Lithuania, Germany and Finland. The objective of the collaboration was the realisation of a methodology on gender equality and diversity planning to be applied at workplaces. In addition, a blended-learning training, based upon an interactive e-learning platform was developed and tested beginning 2011 in several companies and organisations in the countries of the partnership. A 4 days face-to-face tailor-made training in gender equality and diversity management has been developed in cooperation with specialised trainers and is proposed since February 2012 for HR managers, gender equality and diversity officers in Luxembourg. The training is called «Agir et réagir comme consultant/e en égalité et en diversité au travail» www.hplux.com/actualites.php.


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