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Company of the Year: Equal Opportunities


Czech Republic

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Name of the award:

Company of the Year: Equal Opportunities

Presented by:

Gender Studies (NGO / non-profit organization)

Responsible for implementation:

Gender Studies (NGO / non-profit organization), independent jury

Target group:



Self-assessment tool, interviews

Categories for various target groups:

Different awards for SMEs and large companies, but application documents are the same

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Short description / special features

The competition is held by a non-profit organization.

Initially it was funded by various governmental organizations and companies to varying extents. However, it is currently making considerable efforts to secure continued funding.

The target group is companies of any size in any industry. As well as the award for the five best companies, in some cases a special award is given for innovative programs.

The theme that the competition has been oriented to has changed each year so far, e.g. work/life balance or family-friendliness. However, equal opportunities for men and women have now become established as the theme.