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Ms. Kathinka Best, M.Sc.
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Technische Universität Berlin looks back over a long and distinguished tradition of teaching and research. In 1799 its most important predecessor, the Building Academy, was founded. In 1946 the university was re-established under the name of Technische Universität Berlin. The seven Faculties of the university offer 50 courses of study from the fields of engineering and natural sciences, economics and business, planning sciences, humanities and the social sciences. Enrolment at TU Berlin was 27,000. Nearly 36 percent of the students are women and 21 percent are foreign citizens. The students are instructed by 315 professors and an academic staff of 1,972. TU Berlin employs a total of 2,050 people in administration, workshops and laboratories, making it one of the largest technical universities in Germany.

Prof. Dr. Martina Schraudner is the head of the department “Gender and Diversity in Organisation” of Technische Universitaet Berlin (TU).

In addition Martina Schraudner is a member of the managing board of Total-E-Quality e.V. It has the aim to promote equal opportunities of women and men in business, science, politics and administration and is one of the most established award-giving institutions in Europe with a large number of candidates (www.total-e-quality.de)

Prof. Schraudner is head of the department of Gender and Diversity in Organisations at the Institute for Machine Tools and Factory Management of the Technische Universität Berlin. Her research currently focuses on the integration of different perspectives in the innovation process already in very early stages of research planning. This requires a systematic involvement of potential users and a continuous dialogue between different kind of sciences and stakeholders on the one hand, and the readiness to integrate different perspectives in the decision making processes on the other. 

Martina Schraudner has served in several innovation committee of the German government, and is member of the Expert Group “Structural Change” of the EU. She has undertaken first steps in establishing gender mainstreaming strategies for research institutions in Germany especially by integrating gender aspects in different research themes.