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SIF (Social Innovation Found)

Ms. Liudmila Mecajeva
Savanoriu Pr. 1
44255 Kaunas

Tel: +370 (0)3720 8331
Fax: +370 (0)3720 6575
e-mail: l.mecajeva@lpf.lt

The SIF is non-governmental organisation, established in 1994 and assisting unemployed and economically-disadvantaged women to make positive changes in their life through the provision of educational opportunities, social support, information and advice. SIF acts at community, national and European/international levels. It has over 10 years experience in networking on lifelong learning and has an extensive experience in management of EU projects acting as a manager in more than 20 EU projects and as co-ordinator in 5 EU projects. SIF is actively engaged in influencing public policy while implementing the Law of Equal Opportunities for men and women in Lithuania and the Law of Equal Opportunities. SIF is the founder and co-ordinator of the non-formal Coalition of Lithuania NGOs for Advocacy on Women's Human Rights, which unites more than 60 women's NGOs in Lithuania. Now the SIF is coordinating the EU project "GED-PLAN: Gender Equality and Diversity Planning at Workplaces".

SIF works in the field of Consulting and Development and has a broad experience in the development and implementation of gender equality measures in organisations. It developed many innovative concepts in the frame of European projects.