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Gender Studies, o.p.s., Czech Republic

Ms. Anna Kotková
Gorazdova 20
120 00 Prague 2
Czech Republic

Tel: +420 (0)224 915 666
Fax: +420 (0)224 915 666
e-mail: office@genderstudies.cz

Gender Studies is a non-governmental non-profit org. functioning as an information, consultation and education centre in relations to gender equality. GS influences change concerning equal opportunities in different areas such as institutional mechanisms, labour market, women’s political participation, etc. GS runs a library covering variety of publications and materials related to feminism, gender studies, women’s and men’s rights etc. GS has been working with employers since 2003 and is now respected as a consultant organisation in regard to gender equality. The main activities focused on employers are: consultations related to gender equality and work-life-balance, electronic magazine (with about 2000 receivers) Equal Opportunities into Firms. GS works also as a legal help line and information centre for the employees in regard to work-life-balance and discrimination.

The partner gives an award for the best companies that promote equal opportunities for women and men in the Czech Republic (about 30 applicants per year)